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    Hi I just yesterday purchased xplorer2. After I entere the registration key I could no longer open 2 instances of xplorer2. I wrote them yesterday and have not heard anything yet. I decided to re-install it and when I did Zonealarm said it was a Zombie and would just lay in the background waiting for commands. I then tried Ultra Explorer.

    And I got a warning that the program would extract malicious files when run. It's description sais it doesn't need installation.

    However, since I actually purchased xplorer2 I would like to know if it actually is some spyware of some kind. At home I had no problems running 2 windows. And when I first downloaded it I got no warning. Could it be some problems on this computer that makes it not run and because of that it's called a zombie?

    Thanks in advance.
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    please read this thread to check for false positives and to report them if confirmed:
    How to diagnose-report antivirus/antispyware false positives

    If the detection is of the ZA advanced download scanner then read here below on how to interpret the message, it may perfectly normal to receive these type of messages:

    ZA advanced heuristic scan --> False positives?

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