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Thread: vsmon.exe Makes Videos Play SLOW / Jittery

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    dlegate Guest

    Exclamation vsmon.exe Makes Videos Play SLOW / Jittery

    Quite often when watching a video (I use VLC Media Player), things will start pausing or getting jittery and I'll check Task Manager and vsmon.exe is jumping all over the place in terms of CPU usage, often spiking up to 70%+ usage.

    If I kill ZoneAlarm (never like to do that) then my video plays just fine.

    Feature request: I'd like a way I can set ZoneAlarm into "calm" mode.

    I like "Game Mode". How about a "Movie Mode"? This would put ZoneAlarm into a low CPU usage mode for a period of time, telling it to delay things like full system virus scans or downloads of new virus/spyware definitions until I was done watching my movie/s.

    Is there anyone else that would like something along these lines?


    Here is the version info this has occurred for me on (yes, two versions of ZA):
    Zone Alarm Security Suite Versions: 9.1.507.000 and
    Driver Versions: 9.1.503.000 and 9.1.522.000
    Anti-virus/spyware engine:
    DAT file versions 1025458368 and 1022766432
    AntiSpam version
    Browser Security: and
    Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit, 4GB RAM.
    Video Formats: doesn't matter - they ALL do the same thing (mpeg, mp4, avi, wmv, etc and all their associated codecs) All played on VLC Media Player and also tried on Windows Media Player with the same results.

    The moderator closed my other thread ("vsmon.exe is ruining my video watching experience" because I gave "zero" information... I'm very happy to provide it when requested.

    Also said it was a "repeat" of another thread without offering a link to that thread.
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