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Thread: Anti Virus disables itself; why?

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    Default Anti Virus disables itself; why?

    Does anyone know why the Anti-virus would be disabling itself? I have the ZA Security Suite for XP, Media Center/Pro version.
    From what I can tell it is designed to do this by choice, happens to me on start up when it doesn't get to be first in line for getting an update, or if there is no immediate router connection. Seems like it has a real problem waiting its turn. The ZA pop up window that says click here to fix this problem is useless, it never does fix anything but will take up, and waste a lot of time. Even when it finishes the update it still won't turn itself back on, or even let me do it manually.
    But what really concerns me is that it shuts itself off, tells me it needs to update and adamantly refuses to work at all until it gets its update. You can't force it back on because the On button is grayed out, disabled. But even when that update has happened the only way to get it turned back on is to do a full reboot.
    This happens a lot in the laptop, Acre Aspire 3690, and quite frankly I don't always have an extra 10 or 30 minutes or more to sit around and do nothing while ZA takes its own sweet time and then do a shutdown and start again, a simple restart doesn't always work. It takes from 6 to 10 minutes for a start up to finish, thanks I'm sure to the 65 and counting XP updates, I redid the whole drive a while back and that's how many it added and the slowdown was really noticeable, there should be a limit to the number of Band Aides and then a whole new OS version should be issued, if the users were a corporation they would show a loss every year of Billions for all those wasted hours, but all that is for a different forum and company..

    Is there some way to prevent the Anti-virus from shutting itself off? Because it seems to me this is nonsense, it should not be totally disabling itself because it hasn't gotten a daily update; yes I know the importance of updates but that's no excuse for disabling that whole part of the suite; 90% protection is still better than ZERO. And chatting with tech support is not always an option when time is an issue at this end.
    One other thing, I often see a ZA box in the taskbar, it doesn't say why it's there, typically if I move the cursor over one of those boxes it will usually show a note giving some info about what that program is doing, like running a scan or something, but this doesn't show anything and clicking on it, left or right, which normally would open a box on the desktop does nothing, so I have no idea why it's there or what its doing, and it can't be closed either. Anyone know what this is about?
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    Default Re: Anti Virus disables itself; why?

    you seem to report constant problems with ZA along the years.

    Please report it directly to ZA official support. We are all users here. They are the only one that can log and troubleshoot the issue.
    There are no issue of AV turning off. You have a problem that you need to resolve with support. And if not resolved ask for a refund.


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    Red face Re: Anti Virus disables itself; why?

    I have the same problem on my sisters laptop which I am trying to fix for her. She originally had 91.507.00 which was working fine and then updated to 93.014.000 and suddenly the same thing happened to her. Anti virus/spyware inactive and cannot get it active even with a reboot. Currently running XP service pack 3.

    I have tried uninstalling completely wiping all registries in safe mode ( as per complete uninstall instructions on this site) and then reinstalling both versions but it still has the same problem.

    I have ZA installed on 3 laptops running Windows 7 with no problems at all and I must admit this is the first time I have seen this happen.

    Ideas anyone

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    Default Re: Anti Virus disables itself; why?

    Please report it directly to ZA official support. We are all users here. They are the only one that can log and troubleshoot the issue.

    You have a problem that you need to resolve with support.

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