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Thread: What if I didn't upgrade? ZA 9.2 and Avast 5 --> Success

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    Default Re: What if I didn't upgrade?

    Happy ending to the story of the boy who was afraid to upgrade. It worked! I now have the latest version of ZA Free installed and running on my computer.

    For the benefit of users who may be facing the prospect of uninstallation-upgrade with some hesitation, let me recap how it happened.

    Closely adhering to all instructions and advice available in the forum:

    - I first created a Restore Point and a full backup.
    - I downloaded the removal tool and ZA 9.2 using Internet Explorer.
    - I disabled "load at startup" in the old version and restarted the computer.
    - I ran the removal tool. It seems to me there's a restart at the end of it.
    - I ran the installation of the new version.

    Twenty-four hours later everything works fine. There appear to be no conflicts or hang ups.

    I stress that I pulled it off with Windows XP-MCE and Avast Antivirus 5.

    Thank you Fax and GeorgeV for holding my hand on this.

    Best regards.
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    Default Re: What if I didn't upgrade?

    You're welcome and thank you very much for taking the time to report back your upgrade experience.

    I have edited your post to remove spaces and make it more readable. I will revise title to mirror the results of the process.


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