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Thread: ZoneAlarm Security Suite - Very slow

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    Default ZoneAlarm Security Suite - Very slow

    I have been using ZoneAlarm for a 5-7 years now. But I find that ZA Internet Suite is so slooow and it is really frustrating.

    --problem 1 --
    ZA used to be pretty fast. But now it is very slow. There are flaws in the way it ZA works, for instance as soon as you turn on the PC and and you want to connect to the internet. You cannot access the internet at all, UNTIL ZA has downloaded its update. Why can't it let users access the internet in the mean timeand also download an update in the background?

    Sometimes, if there are problems it can take 4-5 minutes to get an update. The ZA servers may be in the US, but I am in the UK.

    --- problem 2 --
    Also, I don't know what ZA is doing on my PC. If you install a clean copy of Windows XP, it is fast, you install ZoneAlarm and the whole machine is running like a dog.


    vsmon.exe is using 25,724k of memory and has had 1,665,414 page faults. All these things slow down a PC.....

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    Default Re: Frustrated user - ZoneAlarm very slow

    You seems to be plagged by issues and errors with ZA considering the number of post here.

    No use to keep posting here. You need to contact the ZA official technical support ( we are all users here) at the link in my signature and report about the issue and have it troubleshooted and logged. If you will not be able to resolve your issue you should ask for refund or not renewing once the license has expired.

    Some offtopic comments removed. Please stick to the issue. Follow up offtopic comments will be removed without further notice. I am closing this thread for the moment since there is nothing we can do for you from here. Once and if you have troubleshooted your issue with support please PM to have the post re-opened.

    The solution may greatly help other users with similar problems.

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