I use ZA Extreme Security on both my laptop and desktop computers. On my desktop, I use a different program for virtualization (Sandboxie), so I have no need for the ForceField component on that particualr machine. I use the component on my laptop, however. My problem is that I can find no way to completely shut down the ForceField components on my desktop. If I set ForceField to "Off", the service "iswsvc.exe" remains running, with no way to shut it down. If I set the service to "Disabled" under the services window, then ZA insists on running ForceField.exe and will not allow that to be shut down. I do not wish to have either program running on my system, and there is no way to uninstall that particular component from the ZAES package. How do I force both services to stop running as they are undesired on my desktop system?

I have tried uninstalling ZAES, as well as using the clean uninstall program located under the support section and both failed to solve this issue (which appears to be a deliberate design decision perhaps?) Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.