Hello. I just joined and found this post and I feel that I am hacked too. There are times that I cannot access the internet because something is using up the resources. And, I can't access about 3Gbs. It does not show up when you unhide files. Everything looks good. If they created another admin... can they get around Zone Alarm? Is there a way to see what is in that other 3Gbs? My I Address was noy changing, I made changes and it appears to be changing now. I just downloaded the free Zone Alarm to start with and it blocked one thing shortly afterwards... that was 12 hrs ago and nothing has been blocked since? Somehow this does not seem right. Until I changed a setting, I was getting pulled down to VA from PA... no wonder why I was slow slow. I can remember years back when I had Win98 and the ZA log was posting stuff constantly. Now, nothing. Can I block what is going out from this PC... even from the part that I cannot see? And, coming in?