I have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 9.3.014 and am using a Synology DiskStation DS210j NAS. This uses 2 pieces of software (Synology Assistant and Disk Replicator) for management and backups. As far as I can understand, these use ports 9997-9999.

All was well on WinXP. I upgraded to Win7 and the above two S/W packages could no longer contact the NAS. Disabling the firewall did not help. Completely uninstalling ZA allows the Synology S/W to work, so I know it is ZA interfering in some way.

The NAS is in the trusted zone, so I would expect the UDP broadcasts from the NAS on ports 9997-9999 to be allowed. However, I can only get the Synology Assistant to recognise the NAS if I explicitly put in an expert rule for TCP/UDP packets from the NAS IP to ports 9997-9999. (Interestingly, if I try and add this rule as a group, I get a BSOD with a buffer overrrun ).

So, ZA doesn't appear to be doing what it says on the tin in this case and I have to explicitly re-add a rule which should be covered by the trusted zone catch all (this appears to be different behaviuor between ZA on WinXP and Win7).

I now have Synology Assistant working (which allows basic management functions). However, I still can't get Disk Replicator working (it cannot find the NAS), which is the backup software. This is all the more frustrating as ZA isn't logging what it is blocking (I only get the logging of the successful broadcast to from the NAS in response to the Synology Assistant query because I added the expert rule). The only thing I see is in the Program log entry for Backup.exe (Disk Replicator) source IP - Incoming (listen) and allowed.

I've now added another rule for TCP/UDP packets source IP, ports 9997-9999. Now, the NAS can be seen, , however it can't see any of the shared folders (that it could see on WinXP). As a side note, I can see and write to shared folders from Windows Explorer.

For good (??) measure, I've set up the Synology apps to allow everything and be super trusted.

UPDATE - Drat and double drat. Just tried both Synology Assistant and Disk Replicator again and neither can find the NAS and there is no logging at all.

Can anyone help on setting up ZA to allow Synology Disk Replicator to work? Failing that, can anyone help to force the logging to show what is blocked? (NB - I have logging set to High/On). My impression is that ZA is somewhat flakey handling UDP authorisation under Win7

Doug Duthie