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Thread: 9.2.057 update problem

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    javajunkie Guest

    Default 9.2.057 update problem

    Ok, so I'm doing some updates on my old home PC (XP Home) Added SP3, and IE8, then went to u/g ZA (free) to latest (9.2.057). ZA appears to load in the system tray. But as soon as I try to start the client it disappears from the system tray. It is also not listed in the processes.

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    javajunkie Guest

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    P.S. I've tried the usual uninstall/reinstall/reboot dance with no difference
    My woes seem to have appeared after SP3 was installed. I have even uninstalled that and reinstalled ZA to no avail.

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    ZodiacN64 Guest

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    I ran into the same problem. I uninstalled and removed all traces of ZA 9.2.057 and reinstalled it. Got the same problem.

    As a workaround, I went back and installed ZA 9.2.044 until a newer update is announced.

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    derebo Guest

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    i registered in this forum just to share my situation with you.

    same thing here:


    none of those two will show the ZA icon. thank you ZodiacN64 for your tip. i'll try to find one copy. i've wasted a whole afternoon installing and re-installing xp sp3 in case it was a problem with the OS...


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