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Thread: How to share resources on a network selectively?

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    Default How to share resources on a network selectively?

    I have a Cisco router as my hub. I have it setup so that guests at my motel have net access. Everything has been working well for a few years. Guests who want access have to ask for the encryption code. Now I'm setting up my wifes laptop to share folders and the printer. Is it possible to set her individual computer to share while still not sharing those resources with the world? I didn't want to jump right in cuz I'm always screwing stuff up <Grin>. I assume I can set up her IP to share while other IPs on the network don't share. Is this even possible?
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    If you have the ZA installed on your wife PC, then you need to ensure that the network (your router) is set as "INTERNET" in the ZA firewall zones and the IPs of the computers allowed to access your wife PC resources set as TRUSTED under the ZA firewall zones.


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