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Thread: intellimouse update doesn't flag on "ask"

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    Default intellimouse update doesn't flag on "ask"

    So my intellimouse update "dpupdchk.exe" is not flagged when it updates.
    On ZA program list it is set on ask.

    if i remove it from the ZA list and run an update, it reappears on list as ask and updates but no warning. port monitoring shows it accesses the update page.

    if i block it, it blocks as it should.

    I use the update on manual, i dont want to have to leave it on block and then have to change it whenever I do an update.
    Conversly, i do not want to leave it with the ability to access the net without me knowing. I dont want anything accessing the internet unless i specifically allow it.

    More concern with what appears to be a serious security flaw? I would like to know what this program does that allows it to ignore the firewall?

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    Default Re: intellimouse update doesn't flag on "ask"

    P.S. Also note that MS applications are whitelisted. You need to turn UNcheck "Enable Microsoft Catalogue Utilization" to operate fully in manual mode.

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