Hello all,

I seem to have the opposite problem to many people in that Zone Alarm does not block internet access when it's supposed to. In fact I'm now using Firefox even though the program has been set to block in Zone Alarm. I've been using Zone Alarm (version 9.2.057) and I'm sure it did work for a while. It does block Internet Explorer if I set it to do that but not Firefox or Google Chrome. I only noticed there was a problem because a new program that I knew would want internet access gained it without me being asked by ZA. Since I first installed ZA I've never messed around with the settings so I guess most of them are on the default settings.

I'd appreciate any help that people could provide. I've had a search around the forum and I haven't seen any one else with the same problem but apologies if I've missed a thread on this.

By the way if this is relevant I'm using Windows 7.