I have been a user of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for a number of years. I believe my version is as updated as of current writing, the Product Info > Version Information displays as below.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version
TrueVector security engine version
Driver version 9.1.522.000
Anti-virus/Anti-spyware engine version, DAT file version 1026241984
AntiSpam version
ZoneAlarm Browser Security

Problem Description:
I recently bought an Apple iPhone 4. I installed iTunes 9, and just recently upgraded to iTunes 10 as it was recently just released. My laptop is running Windows Vista Business SP2.

When running iTunes for (both cases of versions 9 or 10), and whenever ZoneAlarm pops up any prompt regarding permission, I always select "Allow".

Since using iTunes, I have been having various sync issues that are too many to put into detail, resulting in performing recovery mode on my iPhone 4 many times. All along, I thought these are just bugs with the iTunes application.

Some sync issues that I can recall are (by no means exhaustive list!):
- Failed to sync downloaded applications from AppStore
- Failed to sync music tracks
- Failed to sync photos (even if successful, resolution was degraded and/or worse, attempting to view in iPhone 4 says "unknown format")
- Error messages in the likes of "unknown error occurred...cannot be synced" etc.

Not anymore after I did a very simple thing before using iTunes:
I shutdown ZoneAlarm Security Suite.

All the issues went away after it was shutdown! Of course, this is not a solution since I am no longer protected during the period when I am using iTunes while my machine is connected to the Internet and accessing other web resources. This is my temporary workaround.

From ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite > Overview > Program Control > Programs. I have given assigned "Super" trust level and full access (all the columns green check mark) to the following programs:
- iTunes
- iTunes installer
- iTunes Photo Processor
- iTunesHelper

1) What are the configuration settings that I should perform to allow iTunes to complete operate without hindrance by ZA Internet Security Suite?
2) If this is a problem with ZA Internet Security Suite, will there be any updates soon to address issues with iTunes?

I will appreciate a response on my questions. Thank you.