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Thread: ForceField vs. downloadable vids that turn out to be malacious...

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    Default ForceField vs. downloadable vids that turn out to be malacious...

    Hi all,

    I had a question regarding Z.A.'s Forcefield feature and the downloading of streaming vids. If someone were to download a video using a YouTube type downloader (or even Jaksta, Applian (though I think they bought Jaksta?) etc.) or record a streaming vid on another site(s), how does Z.A's ForceField virtual browser feature handle this in case the streaming vid that is being downloaded ends up being malacious? Would ZA still in theory catch this in the ForceField virtual browser?

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    Default Re: ForceField vs. downloadable vids that turn out to be malacious...

    it is not actually the vid that is malicious but the codec that the website will make you download to view the video. If you will manually accept and install a codec by running an executable (outside the browser) then forcefield will not help you. Forcefield will protect your browser and the system from hidden, automatic, drive-by-download operations. In other words operations that are done without user intervention.

    Other layer of protections (depending on the product chosen) such as the ZA OS FIREWALL, the advance heuristics/sandbox scanning, web filtering and the AV scanner will help to protect your system aside forcefield.

    The best to know the feature of the products is to test them. There is a 30 day trial on all ZA products.

    Also the manual could help:

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