I must say I really like the free version of Z.A. firewall and longer ago I tried out the Extreme Suite that I may eventually buy. I had a question about the free firewall: Would it ever be possible for the free version to include alerts for exploits? (please correct me if I'm wrong, though it doesn't seem to, unless you check the logs everytime) When reading the great review by Mr. Rubenking in PCMag, he states that:

"I also attacked the test system using the Core IMPACT penetration tool. Some products, Norton among them, detect and report such Web-based exploits even when the system is fully patched and hence not vulnerable. ZoneAlarm Free doesn't do so. None of the exploits managed to penetrate the test system, but ZoneAlarm took no note of those attempts. I'd much prefer to know when a Web site has attacked me, even if the attack failed."

Is ZoneAlarm just not reporting these supposed attempted exploits because they don't really carry a malacious payload anyway? Just curious.