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    Same problem here.
    All the same symptoms, except the hanging on shutdown.
    And with me it only happens when connected by wifi. No problems on ethernet.

    At a fresh boot of the computer all the shares are accessible through there assigned driveletters.
    When I close my laptop so it goes into sleepmode and then reactivate it (no matter how short or long I wait in-between, seconds or days doesn't matter), I can no longer reach my shares.
    a Reboot solves this.

    For quite some time I blamed Win 7 because I did not have this problem on XP, and it started when I made the move to Win 7.
    But now it appears that if I change Trusted Zone Security from "Medium" into "Off" I have no problems anymore.

    So it's obviously ZoneAlarm.
    Hope this gets fixed soon.

    Computer : Dell inspiron 6400 & Dell inspiron 1721
    OS : Windows 7 Home Premium
    ZoneAlarm : Free
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