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Thread: Block option missing > most forums that are heavily trafficked do use reCaptcha

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    Default Block option missing > most forums that are heavily trafficked do use reCaptcha

    I haven't updated my free zone alarm in some time and when I did recently, I notice the "block" option is missing from the firewall zones options to block a particular IP address. When did this happen and how can I completely block an IP that is constantly hitting me? P.S. This asking me to decipher these impossible to read letters and cutting and pasting text blocks in order to use your facility here is very frustrating and counter productive. No other forum I know requires such as long and wasted song and dance. Thanks!

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    Sorry, we had to put reCAPTCHA in place as a road block Hackers and Spammers, here is an explaination from the Forum Moderator..

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    Actually most forums that are heavily trafficked do use reCaptcha or another form of it.

    If you cant read it there is an option so it can be read to you in a spoken voice, thats the speaker icon in the reCaptcha. Also if you cant read a new phrase can be given that more readable by clicking the refresh button in the reCaptcha area also.

    Also try lowering the resolution of your screen, maybe your running a screen resolution that to high that your eyes cant read easily. That will help you see the characters better also.

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