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Thread: Scanning Status Interruptions

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    Unhappy Scanning Status Interruptions

    I am using ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.

    While performing a virus scan and typing on a document, is there a way to prevent the Scanning Status window from interrupting your work everytime it finds a virus without pausing virus scanning?

    If it finds 50 viruses on the flash drive, the Scanning Status window will get the focus 50 times so you will have to click on your document 50 times to get the focus back and start typing.

    The annoying part is that no user action is required yet. Why can't it just interrupt after scanning the entire drive?

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    Default Re: Scanning Status Interruptions

    I think this is by design to point you to the issue. I would hope you are not going to get this everyday, for sure should not be the case for normal home users (the target of this product)

    Note that we are all users here. If you want to feedback ZA staff you will need to write to their support. Link to official support in my signature.


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