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Thread: zbot.zeus Notice

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    timesurfer70 Guest

    Thumbs down Re: ZeuS SCAREWARE

    It is Checkpoint Management turning in scumbags after so many years of rock solid trust. I have trumpeted Zonealarm to hundreds of neophyte PC users. Because of this I will be going back and telling everyone I know and support about this betrayal of the public trust and slumming out a once great name to scumbaggery. Wait for the trade rags to wail on Checkpoint for using this scheme to fool users and drum up profits, I see them tanking after a public apology. Good News for their competitors. What scum...........

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    tee8 Guest

    Default Closed threads

    This one will, obviously, be closed also but posting it anyway. Months ago, I was greeted first thing in the morning with ZA's splash screen letting me know the business has, also obviously, changed hands.

    My morning ritual is to make and get a cup of coffee then head to my computer with it. Once seated, as it boots up, I check my blood pressure as directed by my doctor. Well, needless to say, the reading was not exactly what anyone's should be after being greeted this morning with ZA's scare splash... whoever designed it did a bang up job.. I'll give ya that but that's all. I will be uninstalling the program as soon as I'm done with this post. This is a terrible invasion of my world and indicates to me that ZA is no longer a trustworthy company. Sad. Apologies are in order to customers and the industry as a whole... your giving them bad rep also with such tactics. With such behavior, I wouldn't put it past you to actually load a virus/trojan to my computer to get me to buy protection from you. That's a thug game that's way older than you are.. those are the footsteps you're following in... sign of the times I guess.

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    manoid Guest

    Thumbs down Re: Closed threads

    poor show Zone Alarm! is this what we are to expect in the future? i will be removing this scareware software too if this is the case... if you want to force people to buy from you, stop offering a free service, don't try to frighten people into buying....

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    GreyDuck Guest

    Thumbs down Scareware Popup Marketing

    First ZA sends out a scareware popup as a marketing ploy and now they're deleting or closing any posts on the forum mentioning it. I'm sure this post will be gone soon too.

    There is absolutely no question that ZA doesn't care about their users opinions - if they did they'd allow this discussion.

    I'm very disappointed in ZA for this fraudulent marketing tactic and their refusal to acknowledge their customer's opinions on the subject.

    - A former ZA user.

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    thx0027 Guest

    Default Can't tell the difference between ZA averts and malware

    Just as a point of information. The pop-ups that we are seing as adverts with ZA are EXACTLY what we try to teach people are very bad. Now with this "Global Virus Alert" popup, you can't tell the difference between good stuff and bad stuff. You can't educate people about what to watch out for when the security software acts exactly the same as malware popups. ZA doesn't sell "just" a firewall anymore. If you did I would buy it, but comes bundles with other stuff. Sorry, but this really isn't a very good marketing method.

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    thx0027 Guest

    Default Re: zbot.zeus Notice

    That is really unfortunate. I have been using ZA since 4 or 5. I really did like it. Being in the computer security business I recommend software to my customer. ZA is - er - was one of them. It's now unfortunate that you can't tell the good from the bad. If this trend stays unchanged I will guess that ZA will go away eventually. I really do like ZA (except for the popups) sorry to see it go this way.

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    hometech Guest

    Thumbs down Re: zbot.zeus Notice / Thanks jerk-offs!

    Good job ZoneAlarm / Check Point.

    My phone is ringing off the wall from people calling about a "virus" they have on their PCs or rather don't have on their PCs.

    You see, I don't get paid for telling people that they don't need to worry about it, because it is simply scare marketing.

    On the other hand, I PAY (with my reputation) for recommending a software to them that starts scaring them with evil looking pop-ups.

    Now, we both look bad.

    You guys have really dropped the ball with this BS nonsense.

    Yes, I think it's time to look for a new personal firewall solution. Even Microsoft's joke of a firewall doesn't resort to being crapware.

    Thanks jerk-offs!

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    ckatlanta Guest

    Default Re: zbot.zeus Notice

    Yes I am really upset with this decision. Uninstalling ZoneAlarm now and removing the suggestion from my facebook page. Have used the product since version 4!

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    SingleUse Guest

    Angry Re: zbot.zeus Notice

    Come on Check Point! You've got to be kidding! I've been using ZoneAlarm since 2003 and I can't believe you've stooped to this level of underhanded "marketing" to get people to move to the paid version.

    I often set up inexperienced users with ZoneAlarm and I suspect that some of them legitimately decide to upgrade to the full suite of products. However, I won't risk having these "newbies" tricked into buying your product this way.

    Frankly, if I get more of these scare-tactic pop ups, I won't be using ZoneAlarm myself much longer!

    Bad Check Point! Bad Check Point!

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    edwardzbuxxe Guest

    Exclamation Re: zeus.zbot.aoaq Notice

    How to handle user questions about ZoneAlarm's new popup for the Zeus Trojan:

    First, train all your users, "When you get a nasty warning that you might have a virus with a "HIGH" risk on your PC, just click the little X in the top-right corner. Gotta go, the phones are ringing off the hook. Have a nice day."

    Or, better yet, "Even if you've never seen anything like this before, just click any of the boxes, fill in all your credit card information and your name and address, then go back to work and forget all about it. It's probably not a phishing scam, but I agree with you, it sure looks like one. And if you've already got an anti-virus package installed, yes, this action will really screw up your PC. No, I don't know why ZoneAlarm isn't smart enough to figure out if you already have an anti-virus app installed, but it's not that difficult. Maybe all the smart employees don't work there any more."

    I like, "Yes, this trojan has been around since 2007, but ZoneAlarm just found out about it, and they want you to know about it, too. I don't think they'll annoy you with 3-year old updates on the 2 million other trojans out there. I really hope not, anyway."

    How about, "That popup is a feature, not a bug. It's a new class of corporate lunacy/suicide called 'scareware.' Just like that fake email with the Subject: 'Overdue Notice' in your inbox that turns out to be a marketing scam, you can ignore it. Please, just ignore it . . . No, everything's OK, settle down, just ignore it . . . Like I said, you can just ignore it. And don't worry, the next time I recommend a product to you, I'll do a much better job of checking it out first. Yes, you can just uninstall ZoneAlarm if you like, turn on Windows Firewall, and the scary messages will be gone forever."

    If your users wonder how ZA could make a mistake of this magnitude, ask them if they're old enough to remember the day in the mid-80's when Coca-Cola stopped making Coca-Cola because they thought it would improve sales. (Now THAT was a bonehead stunt.) When they finally pulled their heads out of their @$$e$ a few months later, we all just chalked it up to a . . .


    but since it happened before the Internet was popular, we didn't get to spread the word about how stupid it was.

    Ain't computers grand?
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