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Thread: zbot.zeus Notice

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    Purpleboy53 Guest

    Default Re: zbot.zeus Notice

    Really dumb move. Very disappointed with ZA.

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    Father Xmas Guest

    Default Re: zbot.zeus Notice

    I too also just registered to voice my displeasure. While I understand the marketing desire to drive users from the free version to your security suite, instilling fear isn't the way to do it.

    The free anti virus package I use simply puts up a "hey look what you get if you pay us" screen every few days when the update runs.

    The free anti-malware packages I use simply offer real time detection for $$ over the batch system scan mode.

    Several are pushing their complete security suite but I rather choose what I think the best product from each of these categories rather than buying and getting one excellent leg to the security triad and get two not quite as good legs.

    Your marketing department has chewed up a lot of good will of your users, some who have used this product since Windows 98, in the hope of generating a few sales. And instead of offering an attractive sale price you used fear tactics to mislead the less informed.

    If your plan was to encourage these less informed people to use the integrated firewall in the OS and free anti virus/malware product from the OS manufacturer then your marketing department succeeded. Give em an atta boy from all of us.

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    MrBounce Guest

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    Just registered to express my displeasure at this scare tactic pop-up for Zone Alarm.

    While I don't use the software, my parents do and they were very concerned and worried when they turned their computer on to find this poorly crafted and misleading warning pop-up on their screen. Not realizing it was a legitimate product (ZA) that was issuing this malware-like advertisement, I ended up having to drive all the way over to their place (several hours drive) to see what was going on. What a shock it was to find a reputable (?) company using tactics that fake malware uses.

    I've now un-installed the software from their computer, and I can't say I won't recommend to others to do the same who have mixed feeling about this stupid tactic.

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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    thx0027 Guest

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    I've been reading the post-posts since my last post. All of the screaming aside, people are PO'ed. This is one of the dumber moves I've seen. Mr/Ms Moderator: Yes - of course ZA has pulled the ads, but that doesn't make it better. What was done was a breach of trust. You guys are in the AV business, you should know what scareware and rogue symptoms look like. Oh, that's right you do. But you went ahead and crafted your advert to look just like the bad stuff. Let's see, the Coke analogy is good, as is the pregnancy test. But I would have to add the Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" in the 1930's. Now that got peoples attention. Well ZA you have peoples attention.
    The first time I touched a computer was in the mid 70's. I've been in the computer industry for a long time. I've seen some dumb things, some destroyed companies, some didn't. Time will tell what you did to yourselves.

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    dippygirl Guest

    Default So long, and thanks for all the fish......

    Just to let you know - dont suppose it matters now - but have just finished ripping ZA out of all the family's PCs... 7 in all
    Real shame because I had used and recommended it for years. Has resulted in a fair amount of work for me and inconvenience for others - C'est la vie

    Wont say what I replaced it with cos it will get #beeped#

    OK I know the "ad" has gone ... me (and mine) too

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