I set my updates to run every 24 hours. My computer starts up automatically every morning at 0630 and is on all day. I manually did my first update at 0730.


1) If I am using my computer past midnight (local time) then ZA detects a new day and starts an update, eventhough it is 6 hours before the set time!!. Very annoying.

2) Since my computer is not on at 0100 then the update doesn't happen and ZA gets confused. I just checked my updates and the record shows that the last update was 2010 09 16 11:13 and that I aborted the update on 2010 09 20 06:57. 4 days without an update!

I aborted because the computer was not finished running the startup programs

I would set up more frequent updates, BUT the update takes to long and really slow down the computer.