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    I had a BSOD issue that was random on my Win7 Home Premium 64-bit Core i7 machine; I sent my dump files and such to a Win7 forum and was told that the crashes were caused by NETIO.SYS. I was told that nearly all failures relating to this were caused by ZA so it was suggested that I completely remove ZA and use Windows Security Essentials and the Windows firewall instead. Well, I've done that and so far it seems that the BSODs are not occurring anymore. It was also suggested that I add Malwarebyte's software and that should do it. (The explanation was something to do with the UDP.)

    I'm wondering if ZA will fix this issue so I can reinstall their software or if I should just use what was suggested? I was also told that MS has a "hotfix" ( for one particular issue that could be causing this crash; but my concern is if there are others?

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    See here:
    [SOLVED] Win 7 / 64 - BSOD - ZA Extreme 9.3

    The hotfix to install is another. A cumulative bug fix for the windows 7 firewall API, especially linked to WIN7 64bit.

    Try what suggested above and if fails then send your dump to ZA once you have open a ticket with them. Link to official ZA technical support in my signature (note that we are all users here).

    Remember to install always the latest version of ZAX that you can download here.

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