I'm running ZA Extreme v9.3.014.000 on XP Pro and have a Netgear WNDR3700 router. All is working fine except one thing...

I've connected a USB hard drive to my router and using the router's HTTP interface have setup the sharing of files on the USB drive via my network, HTTP, and FTP.

From my PC I can access the files on the USB HDD via HTTP and FTP, but not via Windows Explorer (via \\readyshare\USB_Storage).

I have since discovered I can access my files via Windows Explorer if I drop the Internet Zone Security setting from High to Medium. I'm sure this is inadvisable and should be left at High and should instead be allowing a specific port access (or something) via the custom dialog.

If of any significance, I have two zones configured:

Name: Internet
IP Address / Site:
Entry Type: Network
Zone: Internet

Name: Loopback adaptor
IP Address / Site:
Entry Type: IP Address
Zone: Trusted

What should I be setting to give me access to my USB HDD on across my LAN?