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Thread: I want to disable ZAIS Installer

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    Anke Guest

    Question I want to disable ZAIS Installer

    I have subscribed to DAP Premium (Download Accelerator) which is supposed to be my primary, very fast installer now.
    However, with one of the previous ZAIS updates, there is now also a ZA installer, which overrides my DAP, so that I cannot take advantage of the accelerated speed when downloading large files. DAP downloads run through a security check (I believe, it is ZA) to ensure they are safe.
    I wish to disable the ZAIS installer to let DAP do its job for which it was purchased. My question is, HOW DO I DISABLE THE ZAIS INSTALLER without affecting the remaining functions of ZAIS.

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    Default Re: I want to disable ZAIS Installer

    Sorry, We are All Users Here and I have Never seen another Post about "DAP" installer on this Forum..

    You may contact ZA Tech Support Live Chat Directly with Details of your Problem..

    Click on Support link in my Signature..
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: I want to disable ZAIS toolbar

    Try this, to remove the Security Toolbar/ Download Manager/ Advanced Download Protection in ZA Free/ ZA Pro/ ZA Anti-Virus/ ZA Suite is to go to...

    Windows Add/ Remove programs and look for 'ZoneAlarm / CheckPoint Toolbar' and delete this entry only.

    Also in any of your browsers - IE 7/8, Firefox, etc. you may 'disable/ delete/ remove' any ForceField/ ZA/ Checkpoint toolbar/ (registrar) entry.
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    Whenever posting here it is always advisable to list your:
    - Windows OS (XP SP 2-3 / Vista SP 1-2 / Windows 7 32-Bit/64-Bit),
    - ZoneAlarm Product (Free, Pro, AntiVirus, Suite, Extreme or ForceField)
    - and ZA Version number (7.0,8.0,9.0,9.1, 9.2., 9.3....),
    - List any other Security Software installed.
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