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Thread: [SOLVED] New Conflicts with Microsoft Update?

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default [SOLVED] New Conflicts with Microsoft Update?

    Ever since updating ZA Extreme Secuirty to 9.3.037 (may not have tried this with 9.3.014) on my Windows XP SP3 machine with Internet Explorer 7 (also similar problems with IE8 on another similar computer), I'm having two problems with a MANUAL "Windows Update." (I've always turned Automatic Updates off, preferring manual updates in general.) I have ZAES Browser Security on (of course) and Virtualization Enabled, but I have always updated Windows through an "unprotected browser" from an Administrator account. I also have Program Control/SmartDefense Advisor set to "Auto":

    1) At first I cound not even connect to the Windows Update site. Eventually I traced this problem to ZA's program configuration, which had automatically set "Windows Update" to level III BUT with Internet access OFF?! Manually turning on Internet access for this program appeared to solve the connection problem.

    2) Next I would click the "Custom" button on the Windows Update site, it would appear to search for updates (green bar running across screen), and then I would get a timeout error from Microsoft (error code 0x80072EE2 -- never saw that before either). The only way I could find to prevent this behaviour was to turn Browser Security completely off. (Just turning off virtualization didn't seem to help.)

    Has anyone else had these problems? Is there a more standard (and less cumbersome) work-around? Or am I doing something stupid. -- jclarkw

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default ZAES Configuration for Windows Update?

    In ZA Extreme Security 9.3.037 on a Windows XP SP3 system I've recently had to do some trial-and-error tweeking to get manual Windows Updates to work as all. For details please see the following link, which might not have been posted in the correct section:

    Has anyone else seen this problem? Any suggestions? -- jclarkw

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    Default Re: New Conflicts with Microsoft Update?


    there is no conflict with WU and ZAES as far as I know otherwise this forum would be flooded by messages. Moreover MS signed files are automatically allowed in ZA latest version regardless of the ZA program control settings.

    If it is a ZA issue then it could just be a bad settings or a corrupted ZA database.

    Try to reset the ZA settings:

    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot

    Do not touch any defaults or restore previous backup of your settings.

    Alternatively you can contact the official ZA technical support and request for an alternative solution (if any). Link to support in my signature.

    Please do not open multiple threats about the same issue. There is no configuration needed for WU to work, it works out of the box.
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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Re: New Conflicts with Microsoft Update?

    Thanks, Fax. Sorry about the duplicate thread -- I tried to delete it when I saw it bounced out of the "configuration" section, but apparently I didn't succeed. I will try your suggestions.

    I admit, however, to an insatiable desire to tweek settings. The main things I always change are to turn on browser virtualization and to turn off automatic updates and scans -- I prefer to do all of that manually, especially since I use "Internet Lock" whenever I'm away from the computer. I never fiddle with the "expert" settings, however (unless you consider granting Generic Host Processes and Spooler Subsystem "Passlock" privilages, so that I can maintain my DHCP assignment and print to my LAN printer through "Internet Lock," to be in that category).

    One ongoing uncertainty for me is whether, during a new ZA installation when it tells you to make sure you have an Internet connection before it scans to "set up your programs," you are actually protected by the firewall, AV, etc. Since this has never been made clear on the installation screens, I have always completed the installation with the Internet disconnected and simply declined the option to have my programs set up automatically. Then when ZA is fully installed after the re-boot, I connect the Internet and assign my NAT LAN to the preferred zone (Internet in my case, to prevent assault from other local computers on the LAN). This procedure has never caused me a problem with Windows Update before. And programs seem to get configured automatically as they are used anyhow. Could this paranoid procedure have caused ZA to configure Windows Update without Internet access (as reported previously) or produced some other anomaly related to my problem?

    If you (or some other guru from the cofiguration section) has the patience to talk me out of all this tweeking, so much the better, as long as I can understand what I'm doiing and why. Best Regards. -- jclarkw

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    Default Re: New Conflicts with Microsoft Update?


    For resets ZA will be active anyway. Just turn ON windows firewall in all other cases (e.g. you have removed ZA and want to reinstall). So just don't change defaults and check that MS updates works as they should. Sometime overdoing it will create more problems then solutions. If you do not trust your LAN be sure to have your DNS and DHCP IPs added to the ZA firewall trusted zone and that the ZA firewall trusted zone is set to MEDIUM and not HIGH.

    Defaults settings with virtualization ON and more frequent AV updates (30 minutes) its all what you need granted your system is kept up to date and free of vulnerable software.

    If you like to customize then please do so but be prepared to troubleshoot issues related to non working programs, loss of connection or general instability. Take note of all the changes and train yourself to foresinc issues that may be related to changes in unrelated areas. The time spent on this is usually not proportional to the incremental security achieved.

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Re: New Conflicts with Microsoft Update?

    Thanks very much, Fax! Resetting ZA to defaults appears to have solved all of my problems with Windows Update. Your suggestions about optimum settings are also appreciated.

    Do you recommend against using "Internet Lock" when away from the computer? (If I never engage that feature, I also don't have to tamper with "Passlock" options to stay connected and keep my printer working.)

    I assume you also recommend against checking the Firewall/Main/Advanced Settings/"Block Internet Servers" box? (I had been doing this in hopes of preventing rogue programs from listening at the "back door.")

    I have one more question about connecting to the Internet through a telephone modem: What started me down this customization road is that one of my laptops regularly travels between an urban location (with a fast Internet connection through a NAT router, where I am now) and a rural location with only a conventional telephone line. Obviously I cannot leave the comuter connected through my only phone line all the time. Even when it is connected, Windows or virus-signature updates take FOREVER at 48K baud. This (as well as my former use of "Internet Lock") is why I had set all of the ZA and Windows updates to manual in the first place.

    Is there a better solution to the telephone-modem problem, or do I just have to turn all of the update options off or back on whenever I travel between sites? -- jclarkw

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