Ever since updating ZA Extreme Secuirty to 9.3.037 (may not have tried this with 9.3.014) on my Windows XP SP3 machine with Internet Explorer 7 (also similar problems with IE8 on another similar computer), I'm having two problems with a MANUAL "Windows Update." (I've always turned Automatic Updates off, preferring manual updates in general.) I have ZAES Browser Security on (of course) and Virtualization Enabled, but I have always updated Windows through an "unprotected browser" from an Administrator account. I also have Program Control/SmartDefense Advisor set to "Auto":

1) At first I cound not even connect to the Windows Update site. Eventually I traced this problem to ZA's program configuration, which had automatically set "Windows Update" to level III BUT with Internet access OFF?! Manually turning on Internet access for this program appeared to solve the connection problem.

2) Next I would click the "Custom" button on the Windows Update site, it would appear to search for updates (green bar running across screen), and then I would get a timeout error from Microsoft (error code 0x80072EE2 -- never saw that before either). The only way I could find to prevent this behaviour was to turn Browser Security completely off. (Just turning off virtualization didn't seem to help.)

Has anyone else had these problems? Is there a more standard (and less cumbersome) work-around? Or am I doing something stupid. -- jclarkw