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    I have never used ZA or suite (both paid) where I never had to use ipconfig slash renew command. Also, it take about 1 to 2 minutes to establish conenction...i am running through router to internet. should i allow 168. and 192. in trsuted or internet? also, having gone through several ctrl+shft+za recently (15-16 times in last month), I am wondering if za is not happy with vista/amd/nvidia. What guru's views are...for last three days it is stable, but this dual cpu pc just hangs with explorer and task manager rendered useless...proc explrr worked sluggoishly. I take answer off the line...

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    You are listed many different issues that can point to many different causes. Resetting 15/16 times ZA is not normal (never heard of it) and rather painful. Considering the level of problems you have I would rather suggest you direct yourself to ZA technical support for a proper (step-by-step) troubleshooting of the issues. Link to support in my signature.

    For connections problems ensure your LAN/Network (192.168.X.X) is set as TRUSTED in the ZA firewall zones and that the ZA trusted zone is set to MEDIUM and not HIGH.

    For new network found ensure you are using windows zero configuration wizard rather than the software provided by the router or network card.


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