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Thread: Odd FF behavior with Firefox

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    thefourthwall Guest

    Default Odd FF behavior with Firefox

    Version info:
    XP SP3
    Firefox v3.6.10
    ZA Extreme Security Suite v9.9.037.000
    ZA Browser Security v1.5.152.14

    The problem I am experiencing is: No FF toolbar in Firefox, either in the toolbar area near the top, nor in the bottom right-hand corner of the status bar.

    I Reinstalled both Firefox and ZA Extreme Security Suite yesterday, and configured Firefox to suit my preferences before turning on ForceField.

    In Firefox, I added Ghostery, Betterprivacy, NoScript, Firefox Sync, and Forecastfox Weather.
    These have all worked together with FF, or so it has seemed, until recently, hence the removal and reinstall of Firefox, and ZA Extreme Security (due to it misbehaving independently of Firefox).

    Since the reinstall, Firefox starts with the "halo" around it that is typical of FF running, but no FF toolbar. In the Add-ons window in Firefox, Zone Alarm Forcefield is not listed under Extensions or Plugins.

    So far, I have (with Firefox shut down) cleared Virtual Data, turned Browsing Security off then on again, and restarted Firefox. Same results.

    Any ideas?


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    thefourthwall Guest

    Default Re: Odd FF behavior with Firefox

    No thoughts, feedback, advice ... nothing? interesting.

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    Default Re: Odd FF behavior with Firefox

    Quote Originally Posted by thefourthwall View Post
    No thoughts, feedback, advice ... nothing? interesting.
    Sorry no user has responded to your post, we are all users here..

    You can Contact ZA (Live Chat)Tech Support with full details of your Computer configuration,Trpe and version of Zone Alarm and details of your problem and what step you take to reproduce the problem..

    Click Support kink in my signature..
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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