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Thread: Zonealarm download warning for Foxit Reader

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    Default Zonealarm download warning for Foxit Reader

    I attempted to download Foxit Reader from the Foxit Reader website (They apparently use for their downloads). The file was FoxitReader411_enu_Setup.exe .

    My ZoneAlarm Browser Security box opened to test the download. The Advanced Heuristic scan result said "ZoneAlarm Browser Security security scan has found this file malicious. Click here for details". The details said, "This file tries to steal your Internet Explorer, Instant Messenger, or Microsoft Office protected data such as your passwords and accounts so that some malicious party can act on behalf of your identity."

    Does anyone know if this is a false positive, and if so, are false positives posted somewhere?

    I'm using ZoneAlarm Pro version on a Windows XP Media Center

    David (aka cigarpig)

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    Default Re: Zonealarm download warning for Foxit Reader

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