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Thread: Zonealarm / webroot spyware

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    thefillanator Guest

    Default Zonealarm / webroot spyware

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, if not, please let me know where I should be posting this.

    I currently run Windows XP/Home; I've got 1Gig Ram; Service Pack 3

    My problem recently came up when I upgraded Webroot from Version 6 to Version 7.
    SCANS instead of running about an hour or so were now taking more then 24hrs, yes
    24hrs. After much investigation by WEBROOT support, it finally came down to uninstalling
    ZONEALARM-PRO, after which the SCAN ran in 35-Minutes.

    Has anyone had any run-ins with these two products?
    Does anyone have any ideas on a resolutions?

    I am currently NOT running ZONEALARM which I'm not happy about.
    I'm going to re-install it shortly, the only other solution I can see is
    Stopping ZONEALARM and then letting the SCAN run.

    Any suggestions / help is appreciated


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    Default Re: Zonealarm / webroot spyware


    may be something has been done on WBS 7 that conflicts with ZAPRO. If it was an issue with wrong permissions in ZA a reinstall with default settings (discarding any ad hoc setup) should resolve it.

    Sorry, I have no other suggestion to propose apart from ensuring to exclude all main ZA processes from the other spyware scanner. This should be vsmon.exe, zlclient and forcefield.exe (if present in ZAPRO). The same apply to ZA, all webroot elements in ZA program control should be assigned "supertrusted" permissions (three green bars).

    Btw, 1GIGA of RAM looks really not enough especially if you are running a firewall an antispyware and an antiantivirus in three separate packages. This can also explain the slow pace of the system. i.e. you have not enough free RAM to allow parallel operations by software and new version of webroot may have further decrease the memory available for system.

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    windsman Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm / webroot spyware


    I recently change my security settings, I run ZA Pro with the latest version of Webroot SpySweeper, along with SpyShelter Premium and AdMuncher Premium and Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1963.0 without any issue, the full Sweep scan of Webroot take about six minutes, the Latest ZA Pro don't have a antispyware-module so no confict for me.

    I'm not see Webroot 7 yet, maybe you use webroot Spy Sweeper with antivirus (sophos technology).

    A other difference you use Xp i use Seven x64.

    My Experience


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