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Thread: AV - Fails to Update with HIGH security settings

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    Question AV - Fails to Update with HIGH security settings

    A friend uses ZA EX. and reported to me that he couldn't connect to server to update. I suggested he temporarily lower his security setting to MED from HIGH. Updates worked fine at the lower setting. When he switched back to HIGH the problem came back. Any suggestions based on this sketchy info. ( I use ZISS and have no problems w updates at high security setting )

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    Default Re: AV - Fails to Update..??

    This means bad or corrupted ZAX settings. A reset should resolve it.
    Also check which HIGH security settings. By default ZA trusted zone should be set to MEDIUM and not to high.

    If not this below should also do it:
    [SOLVED] 'Anti-virus needs an update' --> Proxy settings + server exceptions

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