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    Default Network IP issues

    I have used zone alarm free version for years and love it, but today i returned to my computer to find it had rebooted from a blue screen crash, which it has been doing a lot lately due to dodgy ram. (which i have yet to send back for replacement)
    Zone Alarm popped up saying that a new network had been found, the IP address being "", and my routers IP gateway being ""
    I have tried rebooting the computer and the router but every time it comes up with the "" ip for the network. On top of that i found that all my program settings had dissapeared. It seemed zone alarm had completely reset itself.
    Im wondering if it could have been an automatic update or something?
    Anyway, i uninstalled and reinstalled with the latest version, but its still coming up with the ".1.0" ip for my network, can anyone explain to me why this is?

    Many thanks in advance for any help offered!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, using Windows XP pro SP2, also running Avast free edition, router is a dynamode adsl-c4w-eg.
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