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    Joey Centiago Guest

    Thumbs down program control problem


    I just installed Zone Alarm free firewall and wanted to block internet access to a executable.

    So I went to program control, then programs and I clicked on "add"

    Added the executable.

    Then I blocked all 4 things can block turning all questionmarks into red crosses.

    Exactly what I wanted.

    Then I rebooted, looked into zonealarm/program control again and find out that the executable was gone.
    I tried re-adding it and do the same thing again.

    But when I add the executable, it does not appear in the list anymore.

    Does this mean that the executable has internet access again or is it blocked ?

    Very weird and kind of worrying since I can not check if the .exe is blocked or not.

    Thank you for your help

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    Could you please give more info on the:

    - Exact version of ZAfree used
    - Name of the executable that you want to add
    - OS used?

    What you describe sounds like a corruption of the ZA databases (files where settings are stored) but other causes cannot be excluded like:

    - Trying to add an executable that is already there (also note that by definition, if that file it has been run, it should be already in the list... may be with another name, you need to scroll all entries and check the actual file name in the detail box.
    - Trying to add a system file. MS executables are given permission regardless of the settings. You need to turn OFF the features in the advance settings of the ZA program control.
    - Trying to add files that are already know by the ZA smartdefense system and automatically allowed.


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