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Thread: [SOLVED] Scanning Email Subfolders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forum-Moderator View Post
    Fax is is correct. We don't have a real scan for mail. Just general AV on files.

    First upgrade to version 9.3

    We now do not scan Outlook mail files in 9.3.

    Reason: Our AV cannot read the outlook mail format and see the actual messages/attachments.
    If we detected something it is a false positive.

    For the unfortunate users who quarantined or removed what was detected in there PST, that corrupted the PST and they lost all there email or part of it.

    They also could not restore from quarantine.

    So a lot of very upset users.

    This is why we fixed the client so it will not scan the pst.

    If you want to do it its at your own risk and responsibility if you loose data.

    Forum Moderator

    Currently running ZA and it does indeed scan psts. added exception not to and now it bypasses them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by protected2010 View Post
    Not really. Especially since according to the mods post, av scan is not done when you access an email- only when you access a file in an email. Files are definitely the major way a virus is sent by email, but not the only.
    Access an e-mail may trigged an automatic opening of a background process downloaded via a web site. So, again not only attachements but any active process that tries to load. So, in other words and simpler term ZA check the data when you "open it". In any case, you are perfectly safe since any malware will be anyway blocked.

    Quote Originally Posted by protected2010 View Post
    Minor point, rather moot at this time but still, it wouldnt matter that they are independent processes and in fact it would work better if they were independent. Independent would mean that any access, ANY, would trigger the separate independent virus scan of what is being accessed. So, if the antispam checker touches the email, that is access- which should trigger an independent virus check.
    Uuuhm, No. The Spam filter read the raw data does not 'open' the e-mail or does not execute the attachment

    Quote Originally Posted by protected2010 View Post
    But, as I said, moot now. I consider the topic closed.
    Ok, as you wish. Not sure why it took so long but the answer was already in my first post. i.e. ZA does NOT support scanning of pst.

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