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Thread: [SOLVED] Scanning Email Subfolders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forum-Moderator View Post
    Fax is is correct. We don't have a real scan for mail. Just general AV on files.

    First upgrade to version 9.3

    We now do not scan Outlook mail files in 9.3.

    Reason: Our AV cannot read the outlook mail format and see the actual messages/attachments.
    If we detected something it is a false positive.

    For the unfortunate users who quarantined or removed what was detected in there PST, that corrupted the PST and they lost all there email or part of it.

    They also could not restore from quarantine.

    So a lot of very upset users.

    This is why we fixed the client so it will not scan the pst.

    If you want to do it its at your own risk and responsibility if you loose data.

    Forum Moderator

    Currently running ZA and it does indeed scan psts. added exception not to and now it bypasses them.
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