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Thread: can't access VPN

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    adamB Guest

    Default can't access VPN

    running pro version under win7

    i cannot access my VyprVPN connection when zonealarm is running. i sometimes get to the verifying username and pw stage but never further.
    za doesn't prompt me for any action and did not do so the first time i tried to access the vpn with za running.

    when i shutdown zonealarm, i can always make a connection without problem.

    tried accessing vpn and after successful connection i start zonealarm.
    it finds the vpn connection in the zone list but vpn disconnects by itself after a few minutes.

    each step is reproducible. vpn connection ALWAYS fails with za running and always succeeds when za is not running. it also always disconnects when i start za after vpn connection.

    any suggestions?
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    there are several steps to troubleshoot your issue (many you will find by searching this forum). But first you should try to contact teh official ZA technical support and troubleshoot step-by-step with them. Link to support in my signature.


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