My version is.

ZoneAlarm Pro version
TrueVector security engine
Driver version 9.1.522.000

I've been having an extremely difficult time IP range banning people while hosting gaming servers. If I have my firewall on default settings, I'm unable to host, because the firewall is blocking out everyone, when I only want it to block out the bad. I can join my own servers, but nobody else can. I have to set it to the following, in order to block out the bad, while the others can join.

Internet Zone Security: Medium
Trusted Zone Security: Off

Program Control
Program Control: Off
SmartDefense Advisor: Off

Once I had Internet Security on Off and though people were IP range baned and it listed their IP in the log file, they were still able to connect to my servers with ease.

How can I host my servers while still protecting my computer while still protecting my computer?

With the current settings I have now, my log file doesn't record any traffic from the bad, who try to view the server list, unlike my older version of ZoneAlarm Pro, set up on another PC, which logs all taffic. How can I get this version of ZoneAlarm Pro to record the traffic from the bad?

All and all, I've found this experience to be extremely irritating.