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Thread: don't want toolbars!

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    Default don't want toolbars!

    i have firefox as well as the default ie on my puter. i am using windows 7.

    when i installed zone alarm, it put a toolbar on ie
    i've tried a few things, including in the little "add-ons" list trying to remove them from there but it doesn't work.

    the tool bar shows on ie but not firefox. does this mean firefox is not protected?

    and if possible, how do i remove the toolbar completely from my computer. hiding it is okay, but removing it is best for me. i don't need junk taking up window space and i don't need junk taking up hard drive space.

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    Default Re: don't want toolbars!

    Here are several solutions..

    1.) Check the "Helpful Hints and Links" Section..

    2.) Use the Forum "SEARCH" Option type in Toolbar

    there are Dosens of post with soltutions already posted in this forum..

    3.) it would also be helpful if you posted what Type of Zone Alarm and Version Number you installed.. There are 5 different types of Zone alarm..
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