I had the same problem, except it BSOD'd every 2 minutes, almost like clockwork.

This was on a brand-new Dell Inspiron system, i3 @ 2.6GHz, 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive. I had fully patched the system using Windows Update, uninstalled McAffee, disabled the MS firewall, and there were no other apps installed - not Office, nothing. A pristine system.

I then installed ZoneAlarm, like I've done many times before on so many systems before. Did I mention I really like ZoneAlarm?

After the system rebooted, the BSOD's started immediately. Sometimes the laptop would just go blank and reboot, other times the screen would glitch and every pixel would assume a different color. It would stay like this for a moment or two, and then it would reboot.

Since I literally didn't have time to uninstall before the system would BSOD, I restored the laptop from the built-in factory image, did everything in the same order as I had done previously, except no ZoneAlarm. I let the system sit and run for 24+ hours, with no BSOD. Then a ZoneAlarm install and the BSOD's started again.

So I re-imaged and have not install ZoneAlarm since. I really like ZoneAlarm, and I don't trust the MS firewall, so I'm really hoping this issue can be resolved and I can begin using ZoneAlarm again.