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Thread: ZA doesn't seem to block incoming

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    Default ZA doesn't seem to block incoming

    i get no notifications at all, not one yet, when something is incoming, asking me if i want to allow it. i know from a previous firewall i used to use i should get several notifications a day.

    i have had very few asking me if i want to allow outgoing, even though there are some programs i would like to block from the web.

    i can find no place where there is a list of what you have allowed and disallowed.

    i know there is incoming getting through, i keep getting and deleting cookies from sites i've never ever been to.

    i am used to sygate, which did all these things.

    thank you for your patience. i couldn't find exactly what i wanted in search

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    Default Re: ZA doesn't seem to block incoming

    Version of ZA used?
    OS system installed? SP?
    Other security tools installed?
    Incoming what? Examples?

    More information you post, more likely other users here will be able to understand the issue and provide you with some hints (if any).


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