System is HP Xw8600. Win 7 64 bit.

I did a clean format of the local drive and reinstalled the win7. It was fine for a few months. Since then, I am getting regular BSODs. The dump suggests issues with "ntoskrnl.exe", "discache.sys", "srv.sys, srv2.sys and srvnet.sys". "csc.sys". Suddenly, in the last few weeks, I cannot access "device manager" and "computer management". On a regular basis, suddenly, the mice and key board stop functioning forcing a hardboot. It says access denied, although no settings have not changed. The drivers are up to date.

I run zonealarm antivirus/anti-spyware, malware and superantispyware regularly.

I raised this elsewhere in one of the reputed forums that deal with malwares/spywares. I posted the "OTL", the "gmer" and the "mbam" logs. They recokon the zonealarm is most probably causing conflicts with programs. They report zonealarm built-in packages also changes my default search engine. They do not seem to find any malware issues. They want me to uninstall Zonealarm completely. I have read on the internet users of win7 64 reporting problems with zonealarm.

Does any one having similar problems with ZA extreme security?