Hello,i need help.

I could not find a place,to ask my question to zone alarm

I installed Zone Alarm Securuty anf took the offer to upgrade for 1 mounth(free).

Because,something is wrong,i did a scan.
But Zonealarm is now frozen.
I can not close it.
Can do nothing.
With task manager,it does not work too.

Before i did the scan,i wanted to do a update,which did not work.

Then i was running Super Anti Spyware,
which told me, Disabled Security Center Option.

I found inTemp Folder a folder named IswTmp
in it another folder,named logs
in it is a 0 Byte-file,Dateityp 0-Datei
the name is kill.0
I gues,this is the guy.
I can not delete this guy.

Other files in this folder i could delete.
But,they manifest again very quick.
Like AK_DLL.swl

Which i was deleting now again.
Will see later,they come again,or not.
Yes,after around 15 minute,they came back again.

I dont restart,because,i am afraid,after,the pc will not work anymore.

So,now,i got a trojan or so,which is desabeling Zonealarm.
I thought,i will be now protected.

Please tell me quick,what i should do.

Thanks in advance.