Hi Guys,

I recently discovered 'EnumProcess' that helps me get a rundown on what Firewalls I'm running.

First use and I discovered a rogue AVG Firewall running through their Root-Kit App. Uninstalled that App, now the AVG Firewall is gone. Happy Days.

Now I'm left (after restarting the computer, Firefox etc, etc) with this breakdown from 'EnumProcess'.....
"Windows Firewall is off
1 Service(s) from ZoneAlarm (TrueVector) detected

2 Service(s) from ZoneAlarm detected

firewall process from ZoneAlarm detected"

Now I'd just like to know from any Tech Gurus out there if this is the correct (clean bill of health) Firewall configuration when you just let ZoneAlarm run the show? Should there be 3 services?

I'm running...
Win XP SP 3
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
Firefox 3.6.11

Thank You for any wisdom in advance.