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Thread: ZA Anti-phishing warning message

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    Default ZA Anti-phishing warning message

    While browsing safe web-sites outside the US(example, I found following message to be slightly annoying:

    - The site is located in Czech Republic, Eastern Europe.

    You might want to check the map, since countries more to the east like Austria, Finland, Sweden are not referred as Eastern Europe.

    I see you use some ancient political division, but let me remind you that it's year 2010, Nixon is not a president and empire evil is long time gone

    Commonly accepted term is "Central Europe"

    Thanks for the great product besides that!

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    Default Re: ZA Anti-phishing warning message

    uuhm, depending on the reference you take different definitions can be accepted. The most reputable and global (i.e. United Nation Statistical Division) define Eastern Europe as composed by the following countries:

    - Belarus,
    - Bulgaria,
    - Czech Republic,
    - Hungary,
    - Moldova,
    - Poland,
    - Romania,
    - Russia,
    - Slovakia,
    - Ukraine.

    If you want to be picky you can use the definition by the UNGEGN ( that classify Czech republic as "East Central". Considering that ZA is not a geograhical tool but a security software for the case of Czech republic we could happily accept the UN global classification

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