This box popped up on my screen (on desktop comp) after going online and only visiting 2 sites (MSN & MSNBC) then clicked email icon, it kind of froze and this box came up that looked it was going to install Java then this Microsoft Security Essentials Alert box came up with that Unknown etc....
I did a super scan and it didn't detect anything. My desktop will not allow me to shut it down or restart it without actually pushing the power button to turn it off. It won't even allow me to open the MSN butterfly to go online.
The details of this trojan is:

c:\programfiles\commonfiles\apple\mobiledevicesupp ort\bin\applemobiledeviceservice.exe.
I did an update for Itunes the other night. If I go to the control panel to the add/remove prog, this Apple Mobile Devicce Support is there and says it is rarely used. If I click change I have an option to repair or remove. If I remove I'n not sure if it does anything to my music in Itunes.
Help, I don't know what to do.