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Thread: Systray icon fails to show network activity.

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    Default Systray icon fails to show network activity.

    I'm using ZA Anti-Virus in Windows 7. The system tray icon fails to indicate network activity. What is wrong? I've come to seriously depend on that icon to show me network activity. That icon activity can be the first warning to me of a newly planted trojan.

    I've lived with ZA-AV version 7 in Windows 2000 until a month ago. (I'd still be there except that Microsoft stopped support in July 2010.)

    ZAAV 7 in Win2K had an activity icon that was dependable. Now that I've migrated to Windows 7 I'm using the latest version 9 of ZA-AV.

    Now, the icon is practically dead and often fails to indicate network activity. Has ZA dropped that feature? Like I say, I've been out of the loop living in ZAAV version 7 until just recently. Did ZA drop that feature in version 8 or in version 9? Or, is something wrong with my installation?

    I've done the full uninstall with /clean and / rmlicense switches several times. I've manually removed everything remaining after a clean uninstall. Then, I've reinstalled I've reinstalled this way several times. The system tray icon is still practically dead.

    It doesn't show activity during my usenet downloads like it used to. It doesn't show activity when FireFox or IE downloads a file. It doesn't even show activity when ZA is updating virus signatures.

    Dagnabbit! Is this just the way it is now?


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    Default Re: Systray icon fails to show network activity.

    already discussed in several threads. Please use the search function before posting, thanks.

    For example, here:


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    Default Re: Systray icon fails to show network activity.

    Please read the first two explanaition by the MODERATOR
    posted at the Top of the ZA Configuration area..

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    Default Re: Systray icon fails to show network activity.


    The ZA indicator should NOT be something you ever depend on to show ALL internet activity. It was never designed to be relied on for that 100%

    It will not show every bit of internet activity that happens on the PC.

    Sorry this is by design and how the product is limited to interfacing with the OS.

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