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Thread: Zone Alarm Free version

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    Default Zone Alarm Free version

    I don't like this new version . . .
    Too many hidden activities . . . asking permission for too many things
    no visual on internet activity . . . the way previous versions did
    doesn't tell what is currently in use . . . the way previous versions did
    doesn't provide an easily accessable manual lock . . . the way previous versions did

    can I get rid of it and re-install a previous version that does not require reboots for anything

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Free version

    you find old ZA versions here:

    Normally is not good to run old version of security software, latest versions are usually fixing vulnerabilities or bugs present in old version. ZA interface is like this since at least two years. So you must have run an old version since long time...

    If you do not like the present ZA you may want to look for alternative free firewall. Google 'free firewall' and you will get plenty of options.


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