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    I have set up a task in WinXP to wake my computer up from hibernation at 0130 once a week to run ZASS. I have set ZASS to carry out a scan at 0132. This works fine and an unattended scan is run during the night. The only problem I have is that the results page comes up each time and prevents the computer from going back into hibernation. Does anyone know if there any way I can suppress this.

    Being able to do unattended tasks during the night is very useful and I run a numbers of programmes such as AdAware, CCleaner, Norton Ghost in this way. All allow the computer to revert to hibernation after running. If this isn't built in to ZASS how do I suggest that it be considered next time there is an update.

    Bill Ferriday

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    Sorry there is no way to suppress the pop up screen from the scan.

    Thats just not an option in a consumer / home PC product.

    Support wont be able to help you either because the product is just not designed for such a function or feature.

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