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Thread: Acer E Secure again

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    jomilton Guest

    Angry Acer E Secure again

    The link to an updated version of Acer Empowering Technology in a much earlier thread does not work. Can anyone supply me with the link to get the latest version as I cannot install ZA on my newly reformatted pc otherwise. E Secure will not allow me to uninstall it either - says I don't have authority.

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    Unless another Acer user happens to know the link and can post it, you probably find it faster on the Acer website or contacting Acer support.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Acer eDataSecurity Management issue

    If you have an "Acer" pc/ laptop...

    A number of users with new Acer pc/ laptops have had installation failures with ZA - some producing 'errors' with "PSDProtect.dll_unloaded" or that "Data Execution Prevention" (DEP) has closed zonealarm/ "DEP shut the program down to prevent damage...", etc. ( Please do not attempt to make modifications to Windows DEP; the Acer program is the responsible program/ the root cause.)
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    Please try this first... updating to the latest version of Acer eDataSecurity Management
    1) Go to Acer Support website and find your model/ version and install the latest version of eDataSecurity Management.
    Or simply go to
    scroll to the bottom of the page and select Download to download the latest version of eData Security Management utility.

    Install and you'll probably need to reboot, then ZoneAlarm installation completes and starts downloading it's updates.
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    2) Or you can try Uninstalling this program 'Acer eDataSecurity' in order to complete ZoneAlarm installation. Go to Windows Add/ Remove programs and un-install it. Un-installing Acer eDataSecurity will not adversely affect the security of your pc
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    jomilton, you need only 'uninstall' eDataSecurity Management, not Acer Empowering Technology for now. The last time you posted you asked if it affected your fingerprint/ password - I think not. ( What I've read about eData Security - it is Acer's own "additional security measures for encrypting email and instant messaging"-but it is proprietary. The sender and receiver must have Acer or Acer reader. With the absence of eData, there are other third party software that can be used instead.)

    you can click here >

    If you continue to have issues, you should contact Acer support and find out more from their website.
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