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Thread: Wireless mouse driver conflict

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    Default Wireless mouse driver conflict

    I just tried to install the trial ZAISS newest version 93.037.000 and I get constant rebooting after the welcome screen. When I unchecked the "automatically restart" function in XP I got the BSOD telling me the problem is with KMWDFilter.SYS which is a driver for my Micro Innovations KB1045LSR laser mouse. I deleted the file and ZAISS worked, but my mouse didn't. The error is:
    STOP 0x0000008E (0xC0000005 , 0xBA441D10 ,0xAD768BB4 , 0x00000000)
    KMWDFilter.SYS Address BA441D10 base at BA440000
    DateStamp 460b63fe

    However, version 80.059.000 works perfectly fine with the driver. Any ZAISS after this version causes my problem. Is there any fix for this problem?
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    Default Re: Wireless mouse driver conflict

    Quote Originally Posted by jmitch47111 View Post
    Is there any fix for this problem?
    First time I see this posted in the forum, if there is a fix its not here. I would recommend to contact the official ZA technical support (at the link in my signature) and report the issue.

    You may want to google on the web the issue, there seems plenty of references related to this driver BSOD. For example here:


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    Default Re: Wireless mouse driver conflict

    If ZA support cant fix this which probably they cant Because the crash is against the mouse driver and not any componant of ZA.

    You will need to goto Micro Innovations and have this escalated because they have a bug in there driver that conflicts with OUR software. Not the other way around.

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